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Hi Michael!! As usual, thank you so much for the outstanding information on this piece. WOW!! Even better than I expected. And, thanks for posting your wonderful collection and the additional photos, etc.
I won't touch the patina on mine. Don't know what I was thinking
Attached is a better photo of the head assembly. It's in perfect working order, with no parts missing.
Only one small problem: On the back of the belt hook was a very small pin that fit into a small hole in the staghorn to to keep the belt hook from moving back and fourth. Well, the pin broke off with the small piece still in the horn (see photo). It was this way when I bought it. I'm thinking of having the tiny piece of pin drilled out, and have a new pin soldered on where the old one was. The soldering won't show. I have the right guy that can do this, and I even have tiny pieces of iron pins that are 200+ years old that I can use. What do you think? Thanks again for your help. Rick.
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