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Originally Posted by kahnjar1
I agree with Lofty.....Moroccan hilt style. The "Zanzibari" style has a D shaped "guard" at the extremity of the quillons.
Can't comment on the scabbard but no doubt Ibrahiim will have some comment as to possible origins when he sees this post. Very nice piece by the way.

The hilt style on Kurts example seems more in accord with these kinds of swords associated with Algeria, though the 'Zanzibar' (per Buttin)form with ring on guard often has the prong as in this case (attached posted by Dom). The 'Saudi' form (red back ground posted by Dom), which is actually specific to Hadhramaut (per Elgood) The Zanzibar types seem to have been much associated with Yemen where many of them seem to have come from.

The sa'if with two quillons on one side, one on the other, no ring guard on the crossguard and no peak on the pommel is the 'Moroccan' style hilt )as posted by Rick with decking background).
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