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Originally Posted by Kurt
Who can say more about it?
as per
"George Cameron Stone"
"a glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of ARMS AND ARMOR in all countries and all times"

Grooved blade 21 inches long.
Hilt covered with tortoise shell and inlaid with pearl,
engraved silver mounts and brass guard

Kurt, in case of, your hilt and guard did looks as well the above description
the general shape of your sword is the same, isn't it ?

and to complete the picture ... if I might said so

the last pic, is issued from a book in French
armes traditionnelles de l'Inde
by; E. Jaiwant Paul

comments attached to this pic;
- poignée d'épée sertie de pierres précieuses, Rajasthan
(sword hilt set with precious stones, Rajasthan)

very popular, this type of hilt
from Morroco, to Zanzibar, passing by Saudi, might be Indonesia, until India
really popular

à +

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