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Originally Posted by Spunjer
Ibrahim, lorenz is referring to the old pre-hispanic and pre-islamic belief of the people of the Philippines, which was Animism. if one would really look at the weapons of the Philippines from Aparri (north) to Sulu (south), a lot of these could still be seen, evident from the once strong animistic, not animalistic, belief of the people.
Thanks, Ron!

Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Your point about animalistic (Zoomorphic) hilt is understood but cannot be verified since the highly zoomorphic hilt from a morphed Nimcha appears on Sri Lankan Swords.
Ibrahim, thanks again for your comments. In the case of Filipino weapons (and am sure it would be true for the neighboring countries' case), the matter is verifiable. I've written an article for a local academic journal specifically establishing the link between the objects of our forefathers' animism, vis-a-vis our traditional sword forms. The article is here. It's written in Filipino, thus you would probably need to find somebody who can translate it for you
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