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Originally Posted by Battara

I am sure that the "X"s on Maurice's blade are talismanic and I know that the stylized crocodile on one of my blades is talismanic. Remember that some talismanic designs are made of okir.

On my other kris I would agree that the okir might be only decorative (and I may have misread the post ).

Thanks for the clarification Battara and I agree with you.
That is a nice interpretation of a Crocodile on your lovely Kris ( I don't think I have ever seen that kris before). A photo of a Moro Buwaya pangi.

Mohd, I have to respectfully disagree with you on the "X", inlaid on Maurice's kris. I don't think the Mindanao/ Sulu moros played with the same rules as their Malay brethren. Cato had mentioned that some practiced "folk Islam", in which they tailored their religious practice to fit their lifestye. Thanks for posting photos of the talisman.

Maurice that is a really nice kris. Good topic.
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