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Default A Good and Rare Austrian Combined Wheellock and Matchlock Musket, ca. 1665-70

This is an item of a group of early Hapsburg infantry long arms rarely enough to appear on the market.

A sample of the same type of gun, made in Suhl/Thuringia, ca. 1665-70, for Austria, is in my collection, but in optimum condition and retaining its original side mounted knife bayonet (see top three images).

The fact that the expensive wheellock mechanism was still combined with the matchlock ignition, though almost obsolete by then, may be seen as sort of period 'high tech' but on the other hand the fact is undeniable that the 'primitive' match holder was simply more reliable than the complicated (and delicate) wheellock. This I can testify by my own test firings.

Beechwood full stock with original rough surface. Original wooden barrel pins, back sight but no foresight (not missing!).
Overall length 151 cm, barrel 111 cm, ca. 19 mm, weight 6.5 kg.

Sorry for the poor-resolution close-up images, they are not mine.


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