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all the peoples of the Maghreb, and from the Middle East to the borders of Asia
they are all, sailors, and merchants
they even used on the Mediterranean basin a specific language, a "pidgin",
which allowed to ; Arabs, Berbers, Maltese, Greeks, Cypriots, Turkish and others to understand each other
at that moment, easy to imagine that the weapons were to move from one country to another, ... with their owners
and, locally, the native blacksmith was made a copy for what what seems to them the most remarkable
also, like the Arabs of the peninsula, are the relay between East and West, nothing very surprising, for example, that we found the "Nimcha" hilt, as well as in Zanzibar (East Africa), that in Saudi,
and then, exported to Asia, even Philippines
Arab sailors, was using the monsoon, to sail from W. to E. and to come back from India, China, etc.


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