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Hello Varta,

Can you share your sources, please ?

If I wrote somewhere that this kind of knives may have been Atayal, I was wrong. I definitely think it is Pingpu.

Anyway, I collected some of these knives, but I don't have them anymore: I sold them to refocus on less "cooked" aborigines items. But I can tell you that these are considered Pingpu.

A little explanation for the other readers: 'cooked' and 'raw' aborigines were terms used before to qualify Taiwanese aborigines following their degree of sinicization. The 'cooked' ones had integrated the Chinese/Han culture, and they were mostly plains aborigines (for example, Amis are the biggest plain aborigines tribe recognized today). The 'raw' aborigines were also called 'savages' by colonial power, and were mostly the mountains tribes that resisted colonization/integration till the 30s for the last ones.


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