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Originally Posted by yuanzhumin
To Kukulza,
You pointed at the fact that the Saisiat have similar knives, except they are straight. In fact, despite similarities, the Saisiat are a very different ethnic group, distinct from the whole group of the Atayal, Seediq and Truku. [...] I have one knife in my collection that I attributed to the Saisiat, but Iím not 100% sure and any other opinion would be welcome (I have seen Amis with very much looking like knives). See here:
Thanks for the reply! Sad to think how much of the Formosan tribal cultures were lost over time, after-all, the Plains peoples were more numerous and possibly more diverse than their mountain-living cousins. Also the possibility of Austrolasian peoples having been on Taiwan, which I am assuming is what the Saisyat are referring to when they mention little black people in their legends... since other places such as the Philippines also had such ethnicities who appear to have settled SE Asia long before even the Austronesians....

Originally Posted by yuanzhumin
The solid one piece blade with the socket shaped handle is my favorite. It is so cool! And also very devastating in the hands of someone that know how to use it.

Owning one, and having used it extensively, I most definitely concur - the metal socket style of handle is for hard use, and it takes getting used to but is a very good working handle.
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