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Hello all,

To Kukulza,
You pointed at the fact that the Saisiat have similar knives, except they are straight. In fact, despite similarities, the Saisiat are a very different ethnic group, distinct from the whole group of the Atayal, Seediq and Truku. It is said that they were initially plain aborigines that were pushed up in the lower mountains where they had to deal with the Atayal. What better solution than adopting part of their culture to avoid the clashes and survive ? That’s what they did - it seems. They adjusted themselves to the Atayal culture while remaining different. In consequence, that can explain why their knives have also the wood scabbard open on one side with metal staples, looking like Atayal’s ones, but their blade is straight and therefore quite distinct. I have one knife in my collection that I attributed to the Saisiat, but I’m not 100% sure and any other opinion would be welcome (I have seen Amis with very much looking like knives). See here:

To Rick,
Always good to hear from you! They reached the Philippines around 5000 years ago. In fact, it was one of the earliest places where they migrated coming from Taiwan, before going further down South through the Pacific. Other populations were already in the Philippines. The Austronesians mixed with them and mostly brought their Formosan languages. A theory now is that trading jade was one of their first motivation – may be with religious purposes behind. What made possible this Austronesian migration on the seas is the discovery first in Taiwan of the outrigger, and then of the discovery of the catamaran – by the same people.

To Gav,
Thanks for your support and for your very nice comments. It is a pleasure to “deal” with you!

To Nathaniel,
I do agree with you. The solid one piece blade with the socket shaped handle is my favorite. It is so cool! And also very devastating in the hands of someone that know how to use it.

Best wishes to all of you.

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