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Originally Posted by yuanzhumin
I also found this other Atayal/Seediq/Truku knife, more basic and in a little lesser shape (crack along the sheath). Because of the red color of the sheath (for protection against the evil spirits), I would risk labeling it Truku, but not sure. The handle is in the more basic socket shape to fix it on the top of a shaft (wood) and improvise a pole weapon useful when hunting wild boar (Total 72cm, blade 46x5cm, handle 17x3cm, sheath 56x6,5cm)

Nicolas, after viewing your website a while back, I am happy this has gone to a very good home. There was a little more help by another in the journey to you too, you know who you are
The examples and information you provide to the forum on items such as these are invaluable and I am also sure cultural apprection has grown on many readers quite a lot too.

Thanks for sharing all that you do.

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