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Default Two Atayal knives from Taiwan/Formosa

Well, as a passionate collector of Taiwan aborigines art, I was lucky enough in the last months to be able to find few more Taiwan knives.
Nothing had came up for months, and then all of a sudden, many opportunities appeared.

Iíve just shown on the forum a Rukai knife

Now, Iím happy to share with you two Atayal/Seediq (Sedeq)/Truku knives. I write here Atayal/Seediq/Truku because the Atayalic group of Northern Taiwan is made of 3 distinct groups: the Atayal, the Seediq and the Truku. Before, they were all labeled under the Atayal name but only recently the Truku and then the Seediq were able to be recognized officially as distinct tribes. Their blades are looking alike, and it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other. Still there are sometimes few tips that helps make a difference.

One of these two knives was obtained recently through this forum swap section (Thanks Roy!), and the other one through online auctions.

First, here is a very nice and quite complete Atayal/Seediq/Truku knife, with its fabric belt and rattan handle (Total 67cm, blade 45x16cm, handle 15x3,5cm, blade 45,5x6,5cm). Old collection labels can be seen. some pictures are in the swap section:

Here are few additional pictures.
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