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Default African Spear ...Congolese ?

Recently acquired 2 spears both almost identical. originally I thought perhaps 'touristy' ....only had pictures, but were cheap enough to 'take a risk'.
On arrival I found the spearheads and butts were painted silvery/grey with rust patches showing through. Using 'paint stripper' I carefully removed the paint layer be pleasantly surprised that these were much better quality than I first thought One had very subtle decoration that was completely covered with the paint. The 'blades' are well forged, has a subtle midrib and although relatively thin are extremely strong. I especially like the forged 'triangular' reinforcing at the junction of the blade and socket.
One spear has had a longer (?) replacement shaft but the other has a shaft with a nice 'older' patina and is much shorter (not certain if this is the original length ? ) The edges are reasonably sharp and assume that it could easily be used as a stabbing/slashing spear. Would certainly create a wide, deep entry wound.

OAL 53" /135 cms

spear blade 12" / 30cms Widest point 3 3/4" or 8cms
socket 12cms long

Any one any ideas as to origin and if this type of spear has its own 'name' ? All comments, as usual gratefully received, thank you

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