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Welcome to the forum - it's great to receive any input from the peoples from whom these pieces actually originate!

This is a family heirloom which was given to me by my late grandfather. According to him this rencong was forged during the early 1950's by a famous Rencong maker back in the day.

Any chance to research his name? Your inherited rencong does look like what I associate with post-WW2 work, indeed. Quality seems to be nice though!

Has the blade always been kept shiny like this? Any idea/hints wether the blade is laminated and/or tempered?

If possible, please post close-up pics of the base of the blade as well as the base and tip of the hilt - I'd really love to have a detailed look at the style of the decorations! Also a pic of the blade taken directly from above (to avoid distortions) would be great! Thanks a lot in advance!

As rencong forging is dying art, you're unlikely to find many rencong of this caliber nowadays.

Utami used to post here and showed some recently crafted pieces. AFAIK, he lost contact with the noted bladesmith after the tsunami desaster...

Hope I'm off to a good start.

Definitely. Thanks again!

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