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Originally Posted by Spiridonov
Thank You, Michael. Some barrels from Pilsen looks like barrel from the NRA. Can we assume that all barrel of this type is about 1500 year or some barrel from Pilsen collection is earlier?

Hi Alexander,

This type of barrel is of basic latest Gothic form and can be generally attributed to the 'late 15th c.', which means ca. 1480-90. Admittedly it is rather unusual to be found as late as the early 16th c. like in the case of Pögl's haquebuts but Pögl by then was already an old man and worked together with his son, so he seems to have continued the oldfashioned style.

In other words: wouldn't we know Pögl's mark and working life dates, I too would assign his haquebuts to 'ca. 1480-90'.

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