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Originally Posted by Spiridonov
at this picture
this barrel have number 5
but it have number 7 at this picture
have this barrel
this parametras 99.8; 15.4; 26;
or this 96; 13.1; 26
It is a very important becaese i want to make a replica of this. And every millimeter is very impotant
Thanks for the help. I apologise for too many questions. Excuse me

Hi Alexander,

I looked up the haquebut in question in the Zeitschrift für Historische Waffenkunde, vol. 2, 1900-02, p. 264, and Sixl identifies this piece no. 7 with the following measurements:

weight 13.1 kg
materials wrought iron and oak
length of barrel including socket 96 cm
length of bore 79.1 cm
cal. 26 mm
touchhole four-sided, on right hand side
hook moveable, 10 cm rear of muzzle

Interesting enough, Sixl did not mention the length of the tiller stock but this will be easy for you to find out by the relations of the whole gun.

Have fun!,
and best,
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