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Default Bhutan sword with chromed blade: advice needed

I have bought recently a beautiful Bhutan sword. The fittings are made from massive silver (tested) and nicely decorated.
The problem is that the blade is chromed, although it is thick, has a nice geometry and is razor sharp. The scabbard wood and the leather look pretty new (I mean second half of 20th century). The silver scabbard fittings have a milky white appearance inside and no brown patina (I have removed them for cleaning). They are also in a very good condition; there are no scratches, damage, etc… The red fabrics on the hilt look also recent.
So, the whole sword is of really good quality and looks like it was brought with the time machine :-) Is it possible that the complete sword was made recently? Maybe it explains the chromed blade? Then the chrome finish is original and shouldn’t be removed... What do you think?
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