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Default More on Omani Khanjar Construction.

Originally Posted by Nathaniel
Great photos Ibrahiim! It is fascinating to see craftsman at work! Thank you very much for sharing with us all!

My next set of pictures shows the two other components of the scabbard ie 1. The belt section. 2. The Above the belt section. It can be seen that silver wire and silver rings are the main components in holding together and securing the belt section whilst the "above the belt" is plate silver, die pattern hammered and fitted as a sleeve. The important bit to understand is the back of the scabbard since that holds all the clues as to how the silver stitched "frontal lower belt" is attached.
To top it off there is a silver crown occasionally decorated in silver balls reflecting the fruit of the common Mulberry bush here in Oman.
Thats all on the scabbard maker as its another 400 kms to take in the art of Khanjar Hilt making.
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