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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Recently we sent "the camera" into the Sur region and took a few pictures of Omani Khanjar silver technique and silver stitched belts. Here are a few pictures. The belt stitching is self explanatory...
The Khanjar Scabbard~ Note that the silver pattern is applied to a strip of leather the same shape as the lower khanjar scabbard body. The actual internal body of the scabbard is wooden~ shown. The wooden body is backed with leather or felt, then the entire silver decoration is stitched to the front attaching tightly to the backing thus encasing the wooden body in a delightful silver pattern. Note; After this the crown is added and the ringed "belt" section and platework "upper belt". (not shown)

Thank you for sharing art work in the making, something many of us here would never get to see first hand.

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