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I need to scan the images for you. They are from a variety of tribes in Bauchi but aren't really good matches for your shields. Still they can be interesting. I will try to scan them tomorrow. I need to also look in through my image archive for some other shields in the area.


Cameroon doesn't really apply as a tribal and ethnic barrier, you find the same groups on both sides of the border. So yes, this style of shield should probably be more or less applicable, although as I'm not sure of the exact attribution of your sword it's hard to say if there is a more exact match. I'd suggest reading up on the Benue area kingdoms (there were several) and their relationships to the Hausa and Fulani states for a better understanding of the linked nature of many of these kingdoms and the resulting cross over in arms and armor. A lot of diffusion likely happened in the aftermath of the Fulani Jihad. I have seen Hausa and Wandala (Mandara) shields in almost precisely the same style.
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