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Well Ronpakis, if you are not missing my point you are, at least, missing the correct spelling of my name.
Obviously a keris of the "absolut highest rank, with gold, gems, etc" is NOT one that is meant for combat. To use this keris to make your point doesn't work for me. And not all Bali hulu are excessively large. Try one of the simpler hilt, like the type that has cord or hair wrapping on the grip. And pitch is no last minute improv used in spirit of the moment. It has been known and used as an excellent adhesive in the area for centuries. There are different types of keris for people in all walks of life. Jewel encrusted gold keris for royalty, keris to help the crops grow for farmers, keris for prosperity for the merchant, keris of deep mystical significance for the dukun and yes, keris for combat for the warrior. You don't have to believe it, but you might want to consider it.
As for your thought that my shortened blade may have been cut down due to corrosion, well, it's possible, but there is not a spot of corrosion or rust anywhere on the remaining blade and judging from the blade itself, i would guess it lost a good 4-5 inches, not just a tip. It is about 12" now, but it's meaty and was probably once 16-17 in. It's sharp and could easily punch a hole into the side of your car. An edged weapon doesn't need to be a slasher to be an effective killer.
Obviously the Dutch did not make keris for the locals they pitted against each other, they would use there own, and of course many other types of edged weapons were used and probably preferred. But i don't see your point in this statement.
And i must agree with Blu and Mick, you are obviously not holding your Bugis keris correctly if you find it clumsy, but if you follow Henk's instructions, with a little practice you should be able to defend yourself quite well. Have a very Blessed Solstice.
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