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Originally Posted by ariel
Karabela ("eagle-head")was originally a Turkish sword , probably even named after Karabel (near Izmir), and I would not be surprised to see the "Kilij" guard on one of them. I agree, this looks like a most likely 19th cen creation. What about the blade? Any distinguishing attributes?

I don't know Turkish (although my pseudonym is Turkish ), however there are a lot of Turkish words in Egytian colloquial Arabic, a Legacy of nearly 400 years of Ottoman rule, preceded by 267 years of Mamluk rule. I think the Turkish for Eagles head would be something like "Qosh bash". Erlikhan, could you confirm that for me.

BTW, in Egypt, Police stations are often called karakol. Totally irrelevant I know, but it does include the word "kara" .
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