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Hi Fearn,

I don’t think you are off subject, or if you are, it is only a fraction, as the whole subject is about dynamic power/shock-minimizing and stuff like that, so the way I see it, you are on track. I find, what you write about your dha-style sword most interesting. I have always been wondering about the long hilt, but I was wondering about it – you did something about it and tried it out, so now you have a knowledge, which I fail to have. Thank you for sharing.
In the start I did not think about the shock-absorption made by the weights, but I guess you are right, this could be an extra plus to such a construction. The hand would not have to take the whole of the blow – it would be divided – but with how much to the weight and how much to the hand?
I am sure, that those using an atlatl centuries ago, had everything tuned in, so that they were sure to hit the target – they could not afford otherwise.

Hi Jim,

You are right; the discussion gets more and more interesting, as we get more and more implements into the discussion. What I think we can agree on is, that sword smiths in the old times must have had a very good idea about dynamics and shock-absorption – more than we normally think of, when we buy a sword for our collection.

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