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Originally Posted by fernando
Hi Alexander,

Probably ramrods in this period were not only made of iron.
Following the Lille inventory, we can find quotations referring payment to smiths for making iron ramrods but also inventories of ramrods made of ash wood (frÍne)

Hi 'Nando,

Fully agreed: ash wood ramrods with iron finials threaded for cleaning tools doubtlessly were, as I have stated several times before, and can proove not only by various original guns in my collection but by another thousands in old European arsenal collections, the usual loading tools of 'military' firearms from the earliest times (ca. 1320) up to the early 18th century. Thank you so much for quoting all those sources, my friend - I must admit you're doing far better than I when it comes to written sources!

We should, however, not by any means underestimate the importance of our friend Alexander's discovery of iron ramrods used togther with heavier pieces and proven by both contemporary illustrations and my photos of original haquebut barrels!

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