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Hi Rick,
It was actually Jim who got me started on this, as he mentioned a Claymore with a sliding weight, and this made me wonder how heavy such a weight would have to be, to be of any help. I did not know that the sword did not exist, and I have not seen such swords myself, although they may exist/have existed as experimental weapons.

Hi Fearn,
When it comes to friction, I think we should close an eye, or we will end up with too many ‘if’s’, but you are right, there are quite a few things which would/could have an influence on the weight, like blood as you mentioned, or maybe a hard blow on the blade, bending it just a little bit, would most likely stop the weight. Interesting what you write about the Seven Stars rod.

Hi Jim,
You are right, it is an interesting subject, and I hope someone will be able to show us a picture of such a sword. A sword with a sliding weight, weighing ten pounds would be impossible to handle, and more dangerous to the user than to his enemy. If the user of such a sword really held on to the hilt, he might end up with the hilt alone while the blade would be catapulted away. I don’t know, but I have a feeling that a weight of one pound probably would be too much.
We must not forget, that every time the user has used the sword, the weight is in its outer position, and he will have to get it back in order to strike again - this will make him vulnerable. The best would be if a spring could catapult the weight back into the start position, but this may be too far fetched.
I think ‘the tears of the wounded’ have a meaning, other than boasting, maybe to make the user remember the suffering of the wounded laying on the battlefield, but I agree with you that the balls, whichever material they are made of, are not sliding weights.

Hi Ian,
You are right, the problem seems more complex than I had expected from the start. It will be interesting to hear about the answers you will get next week.

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