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A side thought:

I keep thinking about an exotic Chinese weapon I've read about: the "seven stars" rod. Basically, it's a bamboo rod of seven segments. This is a "special species" of bamboo, which I take to mean that the bamboo has pretty thick walls.

The reason it's relevant here is that each of the seven segments is half-filled with mercury and sealed. Basically, it's got sliding weights all throughout the rod.

If someone knows how to make one of these suckers, please speak up. I'm too transfixed by the vision of the rod splintering and spraying mercury everywhere to want to make one of these things.

However, a simple version of it could be made with PVC and marbles (put small, closed sections of PVC pipe inside a bigger one, and secure them with glue or whatever.

Just a side thought, but it's a possible design for any one who wants to experiment with sliding weights.

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