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Question Sliding weights

Sliding weights has been discussed more than once, but I don’t remember ever having seen with which effect the weight adds to the blow. Do we have one on the forum with an analytic mathematical brain, who can figure out which formula to use?

Let’s say that the sliding weight weighs 250 g, the sliding distance is 90 cm and that the impact speed without the weight is 40 km/h.

I know that 40 km/h probably is too slow, but if we have a formula it should be easy to change the speed. Besides I have chosen 40 km/h as the strength and enthusiasm shown in the start of a battle is likely to wear off during the day - like this, ‘fit for fight – fit – too tired to lift the sword’. Also the weight might not be heavy enough, but I don’t have any idea of how much the sliding weight on the Claymores weigh.
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