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Originally Posted by Bill M
This deserves a bump!!

Oops, accidental double bump!

I have studied the "wing-issue" recently and came across a neat article in Polish from the famous author(at least in Poland) on things related to Polish Husaria -Radek Sikora... he sums up things nicely (at least for the Polish side of things). I assume you don't read Polish Bill so write down what interests you about the topic in particular and I will try to give an answer

In addition to this I'm in a preparatory stage for a diploma thesis that partly touches the issue of "bordermen" on the Ottoman-Hungarian frontier... some of these "nasty folks" also carried wings as well. Furthermore wings (and feathers) from birds of prey were only a part of the overall "vicious" attire - add animal hides(for both man and horse) from bears, lynxes, wolves, hyenas , lions and a pair of large spurs as well.

Ottoman bordermen (Grenizer) from cca 1590:

These are probably the "Serbs" Jim reffered to in his OP (such units also included Muslim Bosniaks and Albanians-but more on these later when you come up with questions )

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