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Originally Posted by Jens Nordlunde
There seem to be some confusion about the looks of the Ganesha, there are 32 forms, have a look here

True Jens but these are Indian forms not Balinese and that is the sticking point here I believe . Iconography changes from culture to culture , even if the cultures may share the same religion the deities may be depicted differently .

All of the Ganesha figures depicted in this discussion have only two arms ; are we then to assume that none of these are Ganesha because of that ?

Here are 3 close ups taken from Cedric's pictures .

The first , a side view shows the continuity of line of the trunk and what (IMO) is undoubtedly a tusk .

The second , a front view shows the first segmentation line between the tusks ; if this is a beak there would be a point there instead of a horizontal line .

The third picture shows (again IMO) a rat's head with the long snout and small teeth .

I think it's time for someone to come up with pictures of an unmistakeable Garuda eating a naga Balinese hilt form , or a Makara with human legs and arms .
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