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It seems like the same figure as #1 (though he holds a club, rather than a statue of a penis, and does he not display a 3rd eye?). #2 is somewhat more different. Both #1 and #2 have a lip or beak edge (#2 definitely doesn't look like a beak; looks like a mammal) that crosses the trunk, so that the trunk emerges from beneath it. #3 is more realistic/naturalistic, as the trunk comes out of the surface of the face, not from below the lip, thoug the nostrils are still there, as said. One thing to consider, as I've mentioned about Africa, is that these people may have not seen elephants in person? Are we running on an assumption that this is Ganesh because of the elephant feature(s)? Is this confirmed by native/documentary sources? Is it possible it's someone else, even? Are the nonelepnant features artistic conventions perhaps grown of ignorance, like Europeans carving dolphins with nose holes in their nose? Or do the combined features illustrate some particular tale/attribute/etc?
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