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African tools and weapons, e.g. Mangbetu knives, are frequently found in Belgium - many came from the various parts of the former Belgium Congo (in 1960 it became the Democratic Republic of Congo). Many colonialists brought back souveniers of their time there - so it was found in the right place to be of possible African origin.

Many agricultural tools were exported to the colonies, often as bare blades, and handled locally. I recently saw for sale an african sickle - with a german edge tool maker's stamp on the blade - blade german, handle african - what does that make it????

Your tool however, is reminiscent in shape to the Gurka kukhri - many other forms of billhook and sickle exist in Nepal - it is possible yours is a relative of this well known weapon/tool...

Ref the decoration on the handle - many tools from Europe and other parts of the world are highly decorated - carved wooden plane bodies, punched marks on billhook blades, ornately turned handles - by comparison the few nails in this handle pale into insignificance...

They do not get much more ornate than this presentation french billhook from the 18th century
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