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It's blade is about 17" long, or about 43 cm

I chopped a coconut with it today. Chopping the tough woody core left a couple really really small chips in the blade edge that were easily "healed" with a few swipes with my file. The blade can hold a very sharp edge and keep it... it doesn't seem to ding, and if any damage occurs it is a tiny tiny chip. That tells me it has a pretty hard edge, which is nice.

If only I could afford hanging up a dead pig and chopping it like they do in Cold Steel video promos.

I agree with Pepperskull, and I think me and him are of the same mind when it comes to these blades... to me an antique is a cultural relic and a great reference, but I prefer modern-made blades that I can use actively, and pass down to my descendants or close friends later on in life. So far this blade is holding up to the little testing I have done.
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