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Default New Bolo

Well, This has finally arrived. I was really starting to worried that it had gotten lost in the mail. A late 19th to early 20th century Philippine bolo with a nicely carved carabao grip in the shape of a clenched fist. The finely carved but damaged scabbard is made of a dark wood with wire bands (most of which are replacements) holding the two sides together. I cannot make out the writing carved around the hilt but it looks like SON?-APALIT?-PAMP?-CASTRO Any help with filling in what the missing worn letters might be and the meaning would be greatly appreciated. Measurements below.

Total Length = 25 inches
Blade Length = 18 inches
Blade At Thickest = 5/16 inch
Hilt Length = 7 inches

I am going to try to upload the pictures one at a time so that they might stay in order so please be patient as this might take a while. I will also be adding pictures of the scabbard.

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