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Originally Posted by Sylektis
And something else:
I found this amulet (?) that need translation.

as far as you provide a pic for a nice knife
I hope so that the moderator will not have objection for a (quick) translation of an "ETHNIC" amulet

el fata illa Ali la saif illa zulfikar either There is no hero like Ali, There is no sword like the Zulfiqar,

Bismillah ar-Rahmn ar-Rahm either in the Name of Allah (the Compassionate, the Merciful) ...

many parts writing in Farsi, noway no translate ... only Arabic
otherwise, names of "God" (Allah) Mohamed and so, FA .. TAMA in 2 parts for FATAMA (FATMA - FATIMA)

other side, again names, with a mention clearly Shiite (Kerbala - Iraq)
KARBALA MA'ALI ABDEL WAHAB FAHR EL DIN no translation, only names
that amulet should be Iranian, the mentions in Farsi, and anyway Shiite


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