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Hi Dmitry,

Oh man, you sure caused me a whole lot of trouble taking these pics ...

The overall length including the iron spike should be ca. 280-290 cm for a halberd of ca. 1600.

I do not own such a late sample, though.
Mine are, first wall, from top:

- a Styrian Froschmaulspie▀, early 16th c., length 3.20 m, from the Landeszeughaus Graz, and retaining an inventory stamp of the Metropolitan Museum N.Y. of ca. 1900

- an extremely rare Maximilian soldier's halberd, ca. 1500, 2.50 m

a Styrian halberd of ca. 1580, retaining its rare original raw silk tassels, 2.78 m

Second wall, from left:

- a South German Landsknecht halberd, ca. 1530, length 2.30 m
- another, ca. 1540, 2.45 m

Now you can set off to work!

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