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I'm not a real good help in translating the inscription either

Dear Mohd,

Thanks for your modesty. You are sure of 75% of the inscription.
Sound like a very good help in translating imho

Maurice's (shopping list)scabbard which you helped translating has a small inscription in a western language, and probably even dutch.
Never the less, both Maurice an I are not able to read it. (yet)

Very interesting to know that in fact this is an inscription stating the age.
Rather unusual on indionesian weapons. so very nice to have such a piece in the collection.

And indeed, if I follow the book by forumite Albert van Zonneveld (tranditional weapons etc..) I would also call this a rudus. However, under the name cojang, there is a similar blade with as only difference just another style of hilt (hulu tapa guda). BUt as from now a Rudus it is.

Thanks and best regards,
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