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The Manuscripts of Lincoln, Bury St. Edmunds etc.: Fourteenth report, Appendix; part VIII


The Chamberlains' parchment Rolls of Account unfortunately only commence at the year 1685–6, (fn. 1) but from that date, with the exception of the two years next following, they are nearly complete up to the time of the Municipal Reform Act.

1685–6.—For the cover of the new velvet hat, 5s.

For new velvet for a new scabbard for the mourning sword, and for gilding the handle of the said sword, embroidering the scabbard, and carriage down, 50s. 6d.

For the making of a new ducking stool, 55s. 8d.

For a new chair for the ducking stool, 4s.

A ducking stool and chair more expensive than the sword refurb


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