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Default Somewhat Unusual Omani Khanjar for Comment

This khanjar has certainly seen better times, but I was attracted to it due to the rhino hilt and the unusual features. It has the general shape and proportions of a typical Omani khanjar, but the scabbard is a bit unusual. It is skinnier, the front is covered with brass sheets instead of silver I am not sure if it ever had a belt. On top of that, it has a faded piece of velvet in the middle, not unlike some Indo-Arab khanjars from Kutch, and there are sockets holding turquoise imitations. I am attaching a picture next to a more typical Omani example for comparison.

Oman historically had possessions in Balochistan, such as Gwadar, which was sold to Pakistan in the late 1950s. Could this dagger, showing mixed Omani and Central Asian influences be from there?

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