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Just to toss in another possibility on this sword, especially given the odd protrusion at the hilt/blade connection, is that this is a sword from Aceh with strong Dutch influences. The overall shape of the blade with the protrusion, which can be found on a number of swords and daggers from the Archipelego region, feels very Sumatran/Indonesian and the horn hilt with lacquer finish, which again many hilts from this region would have a nice varnish, and then showing strong European/Dutch influences in the hilt guard. Sumatra was a strong trading center and you find many cross cultural pieces there. Have a very close look at the blade in good sunlight and see if you can notice any patterning in the blade as I would expect a blade from this region to be of good pattern welding. The markings on the blade could be imitation of markings found on other blades or have some other meaning as they seem to have been made post blade manufacture.
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