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Originally Posted by Sajen
Hello Max,

first of all welcome to the forum.

Your sheath look indeed very similar apart from the missing tips. Please can you tell us if the sheat is also from light wood, i.e. balsa wood? And a picture from the blade if you don't mind?

I am planning to restore the sheat since it is ugly painted and the break good visible.

Best regards,


Hello Detlef,

The sheath is indeed of light wood, I think is the same wood they use for your sheath. It has the same structure and same glance, although pictures always difference a little bit from the realty. But I recognice it as very identical. I have given it some though too, to led the sheath restored. But it never came so far. maybay now its a good time. You give me some good ideas about the missing tipps. I think its at least worth it !!! Here are the pics you aksed for.
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