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Jim McDougall 7th September 2008 04:29 AM

Scope of arms and armour discussed here
It is great to see the various entries coming in here, and I wanted to clarify once again what the scope of this forum is intended to include.
Our purpose is primarily to provide a forum for the study of the history and development of arms and armour, from prehistoric times to the end of the 19th century.
This DOES include firearms, as these are most decidedly weapons which are components of most armouries, and profoundly important in the comprehensive study of weapons.

Naturally there are likely to be instances which call for exception (in Arabia, Middle East and many cultures vintage rifles have been used well into the 20th century), but we would prefer to leave the discussion of modern 'shooting' weapons post 1900 to other more specialized venues.

With regard to modern reproductions of arms and armour, though they typically reflect considerable historical research in thier representation, we prefer to confine items discussed to actual antique weapons. Naturally if such items are brought up in an illustrative context in the discussion of historical development it is understandable in degree, but as collectibles these are better positioned in our commercial and swap forum.

I hope this will clarify the scope of discussion intended here, and very much welcome opinions and suggestions that will keep things interesting and on course with our forum.

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