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scratch 22nd September 2007 10:34 AM

Chinese Knives
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Real or Not.
To me these look to have a hardened edge, laminated steel?, Distal taper from guard to tip, Spine throughout length of blades.Overall Length 17 1/2 in, Blade 13 in, weight 19 oz each. Hopefully these are something more worthy of the forum.

Best regards

Daniel :)

Bill M 22nd September 2007 12:01 PM


While I would not rate these as really old, they look like they are well made. Not likely laminated, but could have differentially hardened cutting edges.

Here is a good research site for all kinds of weapons. Use his search function. (lower left corner) You can enter "Chinese" and see a lot of quality pieces.

If you want to see differentially hardened edges or lamination's, clean the blades carefully to remove any oil. I use acetone, lacquer thinner, alcohol, or anything like this. Heat the blade until it is a little too warm to touch, and then wipe it for a few minutes with vinegar.

Any lamination patterns will show up. Usually within five minutes. Use an ammonia based product, household cleanser, Windex, etc to stop the vinegar action. Dry and re-oil.

If you have nothing else, the American favorite Coca Cola (contains phosphoric acid) will show some lamination's, but not as good as vinegar (or lime juice).

There are other chemicals as well, but some may be a bit tricky to handle (could hurt your fingers).

Don't be afraid of experimenting. The etch can easily be cleaned off if you don't like it.

scratch 24th September 2007 06:18 AM

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G'day Bill,
I had some fun experimenting :D and managed to bring out the edge a bit more.Thanks! To check some terminology in reference to photos.
Hardened edge
Peened tang
Distal taper


Dan :)

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