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Mytribalworld 5th December 2006 09:26 PM

Mandau,Jimpul or Nyabor?
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In my collection I have a kind of mandau with Nyabor like blade.
I don't know how to call it,the blade has some of the style of a Nyabor with some strange crowits,the handle isn't like a parang ilang handle but also not like a nyabor handle however it has some in common.
the balde is much smaller and lither than a nyabor. I think the item is a very old piece,maybe some of the members has something like this?

VVV 5th December 2006 10:31 PM

I haven't seen anything like it before.
Another Iban transition sword?

Is the blade flat?
The mini-kundieng/crowit combo is really strange and unique. :confused:
The blade reminds me slightly of the second Iban transition sword I posted on the Dayak Parang Ilang Handle-thread?


Dajak 6th December 2006 05:16 PM

Hi This could be the transition after the Niabor to the other Iban mandau
or they picked up the old style to an newer blade
these type I call seadayak sword or mandau because they have no classification

An Niabor has an total different blade same as the langai tingang

It has an typicall Iban short type off hilt from an certain area.

( If you don t like the mandau anymore you have my email addres Arjan :D )


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