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katana 27th October 2006 02:44 PM

African..spear ended....short fencing foil ??? Any ideas??
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Hi, just purchased this unusual short 'sword', probably West African...the 'shaft' is forged and square in cross section ends in a flattened spear head shape. The spearhead is inscribed with a group of 5 parallel lines and a group of 7 parallel lines, horizontally across the blade and on both sides.The hilt is wood covered in leather, with tassels and a wrist loop. The scabbard is way too long and may be original, assuming the shaft was originally longer, broken and was re-formed with the spear end. Or another 'fencing type' weapon was originally mated with this scabbard. Shows some age and use, possibly mid 20c? Metal work could be older...I certainly do not think this is tourist.

OAL 60cms
'Shaft' from hilt to point 46cms square section approx. 8mm x 8mm
spear point end ( 14cm long , 1.2 cms at widest point)

Scabbard, leather 80 cms long

Has any one seen anything similar? Comments usual ..gratefully received, thankyou

Lew 27th October 2006 03:12 PM

Looks like a walking stick/ riding crop or cane with a hidden sword. Seems west African to me.


katana 27th October 2006 04:23 PM

Originally Posted by LOUIEBLADES
Looks like a walking stick/ riding crop or cane with a hidden sword.


Hi Lew, I think you are right..I had an vague idea it could be some sort of sword cane....unfortunately the 'scabbard' is broken (internally) in three places on the lower section...the leather covering is intact. :( Originally it would have been quite 'stiff'.
However there is another clue..which I forgot to mention..there is a carved section to the hilt where the blade enters the handle... that fits very snuggly into the 'sheath' for approx. 1.5 cms ..1/2 '' similar to a 'ferrule' type arrangement. Which also seems to suggest a 'sword cane'
Also the OAL with the 'sword' in the 'scabbard' is 95cms..37.5'' ...a reasonable length for any walking stick

Tim Simmons 27th October 2006 06:45 PM

It looks like a sword cane and without doubt West African.

katana 27th October 2006 07:40 PM

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I've found this on the web...not identical by any means..but relavent to the thread...

Made by local craftsmen to a European idea. It includes a re-used Michelin lorry tyre valve cap. It was confiscated by order of a court in Ghana, having been used in a quarrel between men from Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso). Obtained in 1944.

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