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kronckew 8th July 2020 08:30 AM

Shortsword/dagger/jian - wotsit?
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Acquired this Jian recently - 38*cm. Long double edged sharp flattened diamond blade x 2.5 cm. wise at guard. 12 cm. grip, 4 x 3 cm. x 2*mm. Oval disk guard with 4*mm. Hole centred over the spine one side.bolster & pommel steel pipe, centre section wood swelling from the pipe sections. Pommel end has a second steel section inside the pipe over the wood, terminal end of the tang is bent over the central wood core. Blade appears to be laminated, or possibly inserted hard edge.

It has been suggested it is So. East Asian or so. Chinese.

Seller description:
"Antique Vietnamese / Chinese sword/knife or DADAO China Boxer Revolution
"It is a Vietnamese dao Dadao truong of the 19th century. "

I am reasonably sure it is NOT a dadao truong. - I have one of those...;)

Any ideas on where it came from and/or any other data?

Thanks in advance for any info.

David R 8th July 2020 01:53 PM

It could be a village Jian, tuanlian jian as called by Scott Rodell.

kronckew 8th July 2020 03:39 PM

Thanks, looks plauseable. Might try a chinese grip wrap al la Peter Dekker on it to tart it up a bit.
Quite possibly never had a wrap.

I've just read many if not all 'militia' jians were stored in village armouries for issue to the militia as needed and thus, like British naval cutlasses, never had a scabbard.


p.s.- Saw one of his videos, looks like David Carridine!

Ian 9th July 2020 10:24 AM

The three-part hilt looks very Mainland SE Asian/Yunnan, while the small disk guard fits with Vietnam.

kronckew 9th July 2020 06:22 PM

One of my friends suggested that too. GMTA. I'm guessing the hole in the guard is for a lanyard or tassel.

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