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drac2k 6th July 2020 04:15 PM

Powder Flask.Indian, Indonesian,Nepalese ???
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I have this interesting powder flask probably made from a Water Buffalo horn that I am uncertain of the origins. The writing on it would indicate where it came from, however, I am unable to identify it. It is huge; 19" long and 5.5" tall & 3.5" wide, so maybe it could be a water canteen.
Any help would be appreciated.

kwiatek 6th July 2020 05:40 PM

Canít read it, but pretty sure the inscription is Tibetan

drac2k 6th July 2020 07:19 PM

Thanks, that helps in narrowing the search.

drac2k 6th July 2020 09:33 PM

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That was a good lead; I found a similar one attributed to an Exhibit from the Peabody Museum.

kwiatek 6th July 2020 09:45 PM

I googled a bit as well and saw some similar pieces but nothing with an inscription like yours. Interesting! Now just to find someone who can read it ...

drac2k 7th July 2020 04:11 AM

I should have quit while I was ahead. The first reference I found on the internet stated that it was a Tibetan 19th Century powder flask on exhibit from The Peabody Museum, but I couldn't leave well enough alone. I next found 2 other references that stated that it was Tibetan and 19th century, but it was in fact a beer-drinking horn; Chhaang beer to be exact. These claims were made by "Hundred and One Antiques," and "Michael Backman ltd.," of London; based on what they were asking, maybe it is a drinking vessel, maybe what is written on the side is "Chhaang Beer, the King of Beers."

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