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fernando 6th July 2019 05:14 PM

Viking boat graves found in Sweden
Extracts of an article coming in CNN ...

"Archaeologists have uncovered two rare Viking boat graves in the Swedish village of Gamla Uppsala.
It is a small group of people who were buried in this way. You can suspect that they were distinguished people in the society of the time since burial ships in general are very rare, archeologist Anton Seiler said in a news release...
...The archaeologists also found a sword, an ornate comb, a spear and part of a shield in the intact boat. The identity of the man remains unknown."

One should expect that evolution on this subject will soon appear in various sources out there.

Victrix 6th July 2019 09:26 PM

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As usual with these things you find more mention about the news in the English speaking than the local press. Maybe locally there is so much stuff in the ground that itís not that newsworthy? I even read that some metal finds are sent for recycling (!). Uppsala is also a bit sensitive as itís believed to be the cradle of the powerful Svea (ĒSveonesĒ in Beowulf) tribe in Uppland from which Sweden got its name (Sverige=Svea rike).

Hereís a link with some news at least:

Uppsala was also a centre of the pagan cult of Odin and Thor etc and there are prominent iron age burial mounds for kings there, surrounded by thousands of graves. Itís fascinating but quite spooky at the same time.

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