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corrado26 3rd January 2018 02:54 PM

Phia Kaetta
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This knife from Sri Lanka found ist way into my collection today. It is very decorative with silver and brass ornaments. The sheath is made from leather. Comments are invited.

motan 3rd January 2018 04:02 PM

Hi, I am no expert, so no new information here, but it is a very beautiful piece. It looks like it has decent age, but it is still in great condition. Almost all the old ones have some damage or heavy wear. Congratulations.

shayde78 3rd January 2018 04:16 PM

This piece is so beautiful and intricate, that it has prompted me to wonder how many hours of labor go into making such a work of art. Even with modern tools, this would be no small feat.
Has anyone ever calculated such a thing?

mariusgmioc 3rd January 2018 07:24 PM

Very beautiful 19th century (my guess) piece in very good condition. Congratulations! :)


kai 3rd January 2018 09:41 PM

Hello Udo,

Very nicely crafted and complete example - congrats!

What kind of gem(?) is set at the pommel end?

The sheath is made from leather.

It's wood, isn't it?


David 3rd January 2018 10:47 PM

Yes Kai, the sheath looks wooden to my eyes as well. :)

drac2k 4th January 2018 01:50 AM

Great Find!!!

corrado26 4th January 2018 07:59 AM

Originally Posted by kai

It's wood, isn't it?

yes, it is wood, sorry for the wrong statement. And there is no gem at the end of the pommel, just a piece of brass to fix the blade

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