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francantolin 22nd December 2017 07:34 PM

Greek ? Ottoman Bayonet ? Souvenir ?
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I recently bought this small sword-bayonet,

I can't recognise if it's an old greek (?) bayonett decorated with medals,or just a 70's- 80's tourist stuff !
scabbard and handle are made of brass, blade is rusty but seems a real one
( not a ''Greece 'independance copy )

Any opinion ?
Thank you !

corrado26 23rd December 2017 07:44 AM

I do not know the knife, but the sheeth is certainly made for a tourist item and doesn't belong to this knife.

Kmaddock 23rd December 2017 02:38 PM

The knife looks like a bayonet but there does lot look to be any mounting mechanism or spring loaded catch.

Is there a slit in the back of the grip to engage in a rifle mount?

If i was to guess the blade looks to be a German Faschinenmesser but the hole for the barrel in the cross guard is putting me off this idea

gives you an idea of this knife type, used by troops for clearing brush and cutting small branches in 18oo's, if you scroll down in the above link you will see the amount of variations in this knife type there were


francantolin 23rd December 2017 08:50 PM

Hello and thank you both for your comments,

Really interesting informations about FaschinenMesser !
Thank you Ken !.

For my small sword, It's strange because there is no slit in the back ( sword type ) but there is the classic hole (bayonet type )...

In the hole , there is a small medal welded , like the rest of the scabbard.

Maybe it's an old ''bayonet'' , ''decorated'' later ( in Greece, Balkans ? )for making it more saleable ...



Kmaddock 24th December 2017 07:47 AM

No problem
I collect German imperial bayonets and have a few of these interesting knives, there are practically endless variations as nearly every German state had different variants of knives and bayonets
If you look at faschinemessers you will see most have no fullers as per your blade.
Parade bayonets were also very common in late 1800s in Germany and these generally did not have any locking mechanism
Nice item
Ps happy Christmas to you and all

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