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Pukka Bundook 8th October 2017 02:04 PM

For Michael.
This is rather irregular, but I am posting a link here regarding a (loose) copy of a snapping matchlock (Original owned by the late Michael Tromner)
That I made last winter.
Michael was rather looking forward to me making a copy of some of his arms, but alas it never happened whilst he was with us.
This is not a sales pitch or anything, just a tribute to Michael and his beloved arms collection.
In the first post in the link, there is another link to Michael's original thread.

Very sadly, the original is now up for auction.
I am eternally grateful for Michael making such detailed photos available to us all.
This forum is not for modern -made reproductions, and that is why I merely post a link.

Best wishes,

ChrisPer 18th October 2017 11:08 PM

Thank you, Richard! You have done nice job there.
Michael's legacy is very deep. Just the two screws he photographed in that post tell us so much about the way craftsmen worked in those times. To realise that over the same kind oftime period in our own lifetimes, the parts and technologies even in that apparent simple detail have evolved so far; from the screws my father used to hang a door even the breast drill he had to make the screw holes to the ones we use today, is still evolving so fast.

One photograph illuminates; and then we see and read each part of Michaels legacy its so much greater.

Jim McDougall 19th October 2017 10:41 PM

Thank you guys for honoring Michaels legacy.
The volume and depth of material here shared here on our pages is legion, and we all learned so much from him. While his work was mostly on fields I was not particularly involved in, his manner of presentation intrigued me and I could not help wanting to read and learn more.

He will never be forgotten.

fernando 20th October 2017 04:10 PM

Amen !

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